Payung Teduh

Finally I watched the live performance of one of my most favorite Indonesian musicians, Payung Teduh. It's been few times I missed their concerts due to deadlines and other things, but finally I made it last Sunday at Red Festival, where Payung Teduh performed with my other favorite musicians: WSATCC and Sore. The most special thing about Payung Teduh is they are one of very rare Indonesian bands with a balanced mix between very good music - fusion of pop, keroncong, and jazz - and brilliant poetical lyrics. Perfect!

Sketch of "Berdua Saja" – by @aselaastrelia

But there is nothing tricky from Payung Teduh’s popularity. The quartet’s instant fame proofs that people miss good music with good lyrics. The attempt to “normalise” keroncong music into something more tangible is another strong point from the Depok-based quartet. Asked about their music in an interview with BBC Indonesia, they revealed that the calming, soothing mood is deliberately embraced to counter Jakarta’s tiring life. "Jakarta is already super hectic, at least our listener could sit down and relax a bit with our music," they explained. – Sounds From The Corner #11

Berdua Saja


Ada yang tak sempat tergambarkan oleh kata
Ketika kita berdua
Hanya aku yang bisa bertanya
Mungkinkah kau tahu jawabnya

Malam jadi saksinya
Kita berdua di antara kata
Yang tak terucap
Berharap waktu membawa keberanian
Untuk datang membawa jawaban

Mungkinkah kita ada kesempatan
Ucapkan janji takkan berpisah selamanya

Menuju Senja


Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga ke dalam sukma
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

Bersama hati yang terluka, tertusuk pilu
Menganga luka itu di antara senyum
Dan menapaki jejak kenangan di sore yang gelap ditutupi awan
Bersama setangkup bunga cerita yang kian merambat di dinding penantian
Ada yang mati saat itu dalam kerinduaan yang tak terobati

Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga ke dalam sukma
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

Baru saja kuberanjak beberapa saat sebelum itu
Ada yang mati menunggu sore menuju senja, bersama..

Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga ke dalam sukma
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang di Pelukan


Tak terasa gelap pun jatuh
Di ujung malam menuju pagi yang dingin
Hanya ada sedikit bintang malam ini
Mungkin karena kau sedang cantik-cantiknya

Lalu mataku merasa malu
Semakin dalam ia malu kali ini
Kadang juga ia takut
Tatkala harus berpapasan di tengah pelariannya

Di malam hari
Menuju pagi
Sedikit cemas
Banyak rindunya

My Year in Review: 2015

This post is basically a regular review of my life, lessons learned from what went wrong and what went right in the past year.

Backpacking mode - in front of Duomo di Milano (2015)

Intermezzo: For much better year-in-review contents, just watch the following videos and skip the remaining stories of this post ;)

Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2015

On 9-11 December 2015, Busan Metropolitan City jointly with the Korea National Information Society Agency and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized the Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2015. The goal of this forum was to present a community to youth from around the world whereby they could share ideas and innovative concepts for the advancement of future IoT industry. It was also aimed to offer a strong networking opportunity between participants and the industry, so that it created potential positive social contribution to the local community.

International Participants of Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2015

The forum was for invitation-only, where the participants were between 18-30 years old, from government sector, private sector, academia or R&D organizations, and have work responsibilities related with modern ICT convergences. The committee selected the participants based on submitted CV and application forms. Thank God, I was selected as one of 50 international participants invited by ITU ;)

Young ICT Leader's Forum 2015 at Busan

On the first day of the conference, we learned about how serious Korean government improving their nation-wide economic performance through ICT. The government has an initiative called "Creative Economy Vitamin Project" which seek to promote the integration of information technology with conventional industries such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, food, culture, tourism, healthcare, etc.

We also learned the development progress of ICT convergences in various sectors, such as fisheries, maritime, automotive, electricity, home appliances, healthcare, and manufacturing.